Importance of A Great DJ

DJs (disc jockeys) are more important than ever. Not just any DJ but a DJ who is an artist.
In pop culture we are hearing and seeing more DJs than ever. DJs are selling out venues,
going on stadium tours, collaborating with major artists and sharing music globally. DJs
have become Icons. Armin van Buuren, Deadmau5, David Guetta, Tiësto, and more have
become international superstars and have changed the music industry forever.
So how does this affect your upcoming event?

Well, it starts with you.

As you go to parties and events this holiday season; listen closely to the DJ. Pay attention to his
or her’s transitions, mixing and song choices. A phenomenal DJ can take the energy of a room
from a 6 to a 27 in a set.  A DJ not only has to be proficient in music but also has to be able to
read the crowd. There is a certain level of sensitivity that is imperative for a DJ to have in order
to deliver the right song on que. A DJ could be mixing a top 40 set and mix an early nineties
song into it and it could be an epic mix; If it’s done right. Often times the talent of the DJ is
overlooked. Due to the fact that music technology is so accessible, many people are calling
themselves DJs. Not to discredit anyone with an interest in music but it takes enormous
talent and experience to be a great DJ.

When planning your next event keep in mind that your event can completely change
with the right person behind the booth.