Build A Relationship With Your MC

Every event is different. Every event is special. Every event is unique. However, when you and your family are on a circuit of attending local parties (every weekend) sometimes it can be a challenge to individuate from the masses.

So much time, consideration, thought, energy, creativity, effort and planning goes into producing a “Once in a lifetime event”. So how do you make yours different? How do you “stand out from the crowd”? How do you make sure that all of your efforts are not made in vein!?

One of the ways is by creating a strong relationship with your Master of Ceremonies and the team him or her works with. As a performer for over 25 years and with over 15 years of experience as an MC having real FACETIME with my clients is one way to make your party explode with energy and magic!

These parties are ABOUT YOU and YOUR FAMILY. Not about who is on the Microphone. For Example: if there is an introduction for a parent, grandparent or for the guest of honor and I can say a little something that is specifically about that person; it redirects the energy back to family of honor. Creating intimacy and highlighting the personal connection we all have. Also, if you care about me and I care about you then the chances of us all working together to make sure the results are outstanding for your party are much greater.

Also, take the time to get to know the office staff of your entertainment company. It is important for you to know that when you hire an MC, you hire his or her whole family. Similar to what they say when you get married. You marry “the whole family”. It is important to know that if your MC is unavailable for a chat, that you can call his or her office and speak with a representative there. You want to feel comfortable with the entire staff. It takes a village to raise a great party!